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Aamber Pegasus manual

Aamber Pegasus manual + Basic & theory of operation

MAD manual

Word Processor manual

Forth 1.0 manual

Pascal 1.0 manual

XBasic manual

Character Creator manual

Character Save/Load manual

Character Save/Load theory of operation

Newsletter 1 July ’81

Newsletter 2 Aug ’81

Newsletter 3 Sept ’81

Newsletter 4 Nov ’81

Jitter notes and fixes

4020 data-sheet used in jitter fix

Early PCB layout

Power supply schematic

Analysis of the Memory Map Decoder

Pegasus Keyboard Matrix

Forth ref - Byte August 1980

Forth ref - Forth Dimensions 1978 - 1981

Star Trek
Space Invaders
Galaxy Wars

Golf (Creative Computing)

Hangman 2 (Creative Computing)

Hi-Lo (Creative Computing)

Hurkle (Creative Computing)

Lunar (Creative Computing)

Nicoma (Creative Computing)

It has taken about 5 years, and countless emails to track down and assemble this library of Aamber Pegasus documents. Much thanks to all the people involved for their dedication and enthusiasm for this project. Long live the Aamber Pegasus.