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Character creator (found)

Character save-load (found)

Snakes (found)

Star Trek (found)

Tank 1.1 (found)

Invaders 1.1 (found)

Pegapong (a new game)

Nicoma (a new game/port)

Lunar (a new game/port)

Hi Lo (a new game/port)

Hurkle (a new game/port)

Golf (a new game/port needs 24k RAM)

Hangman 2 (a new game/port needs 24k RAM)

Surround (a new game in Forth)


Stack operations (MISSING)

Histogram (MISSING)

Dragon (MISSING)

Hangman (MISSING)

Galaxy Wars (MISSING)

You can can also see videos of many of these programs here.

If you can help with extending our library, please contact me.

It has taken about 5 years, and countless emails to track down and assemble this library of Aamber Pegasus software. Much thanks to all the people involved for their dedication and enthusiasm for this project. Long live the Aamber Pegasus.


Mon 1.0 (found)

Mon 1.1 (found)

Mon 2.0 (MISSING)

Mon 2.1 (MISSING)

Mon 2.2 (found)

Mon 2.2b (found)

Mon 2.3 (found)

Mon 2.3a (found)

Basic 1.1 (found)

Basic 1.2 (MISSING)

XBasic 1.0 (found)

Pascal 1.0 (found)

Forth 1.0 (MISSING)

Forth 1.1 (found)

Forth 1.3 (found)

MAD 1.1 (found)

Word Processor 1.1 (found)

Word Processor 1.2 (found)

Hangman (found)

Galaxy Wars (found)

Tank 1.1 (MISSING)

Tank 1.1 (T2R version)

Tank 1.2 (fixed graphic version - T2R version)

Invaders 1.1 (found)

Invaders 1.2 (fixed graphic version)

Debug Package (MISSING)

Network (MISSING)