When I started repairing these old computers, I quickly realized I needed some way to keep track and remember all the things I had done. It was important that I could revisit the fix if needed. In the beginning I just kept these logs for myself, but I soon realized that others had interested in them too. Even with this philosophy in mind I still think that more than 50% of my fixes aren't documented, either because the fix is small and is finished before I have the chance to beak out the camera, or because I get too engrossed in what I’m doing to think about documenting the process. Occasionally I am able to go back and remember the fix at a later date, or revisit my forum postings and write down the fix in a retroactive way, but often with this process small but important details are lost.

On that note, I present to you all my articles related to fixing and restoration of many of my machines. As new fixes come along they will be added to the list...

Technosys Aamber Pegasus

I have a site dedicated Solely to the Technosys Aamber Pegasus. This site contains technical information, fixes, software archives, software conversions, history, staff bios, a blog, and just about everything else you would ever want to know about this classic New Zealand computer.

Apple 1

Building a portable Apple 1 (Obtronix replica)

Ultimate Apple 1 Software Collection for CFFA1

23 Matches, Batnum and Nicoma converted to Apple 1

Apple II

Restoring an original Rev 0 Apple II

Repairing an early Rev 1 Apple II

Retrieving some Japanese cassettes

Retrieving some ITT cassettes

Apple II j-plus character ROM explained

Some Issues with Carte Blanche card on Apple II

100 games for CFFA v1.4 using DosMaster

Macintosh and Apple Lisa

Macintosh Portable overview

Apple Lisa Calendar software

My ZX81 hack machine

High resolution keyboard artwork

ZX81 Maplin project documentation

Commodore PET

Repairing a Commodore PET 64

Repairing an early Commodore PET 2001 (Japanese version)

Building a portable PET 2001

Repairing my PET in a suitcase

All PET character sets

Making a Japanese character set

Ohio Scientific Challenger

Restoring a Challenger 2P

Repairing a Challenger 4P part 1

Repairing a Challenger 4P part 2

Repairing a MPI floppy drive (Coming soon)

Repairing a 502 board

Installing 2716 EPROMS in a 502 board

Repairing a D&M MEM-C9 board

Backing up software from cassettes

Memory test program for OSI machines

Challenger 1P and 2P logo redraw

Processor Technology SOL-20

Restoring a SOL-20

Getting Northstar DOS working on my SOL-20

Getting CP/M 2.2 working on my SOL-20

An easy OS bootstrap method for the SOL-20 and Northstar controller

Using Chris Elmquist’s HFSE hard sector emulator with Northstar controller and 5.25” drives

Repairing a double cursor issue

Repairing a missing cursor issue

Repairing a dead screen issue

Repairing a dead screen issue #2

Repairing a vertical sync issue

Memory test program

Converting .ent files to .wav

SOL-20 faceplate logo redraw

Sharp MZ-80K

Repairing a MZ-80K

MZ-80K software library

Multi ROM switcher

Looking at Space Invaders

MZ-80K character ROM fix

Applied Engineering Microbee

Repairing a Swedish Microbee PC-85 (Coming soon)

Repairing a Microbee 32 IC keyboard (Coming soon)

Repairing a Microbee 32 IC screen issue

Dumping the Swedish ROM set

Some Microbee game videos

Some Microbee program images

Microbee logo reproductions

Dick Smith System 80

Repairing a blue label System 80

Atari 400

Restoring an Atari 400 (Coming soon)

Commodore VIC 20

Fixing a broken key (Coming soon)


Simple instructions on how to use and program the TK-85. Includes a fun little test program